NSRA 24hr Rowing Marathon 2002.


Well done to every one that took part in the 24hr Rowing Marathon.

Here are just a few pictures from the event.


The Picture says it all!


Nat and Floss at the start.

Some of the girls getting cozy.


Jenna in turbo mode.                                                                      The start of the totals list.




The list with a few more scores down.                                                           Even more scores.



Loads of times!


              John getting his stint in.                                            The view from the club over the river as the night draws in.



Floss and Jenna.                                                                               Jim at 6AM!



                                  Kate, Jenna, Nat and Pete.                                                                     Martin.



                                  Bernie working hard.                                                      Geoff looking worried on his phone before8.30AM.



The end total of over 319,000meters!                                                    One of our bigger juniors Mr. Higgs.



Karina trying to work out how to use the calculator.                                          Lee perfecting his cheesy smile.



Kate and James.                                                                            Jim trying to get people to talk to him!



Pete!                                                                                            Every one together at the end.



Pete, Jim and Jenna. Jim has seen the bar!                                Jim has made a run for the bar but we caught him.



Jim giving Jenna her 100,000 meter T-Shirt from Concept II.                                                  And to Nat as well. 


And Floss receiving hers as well.