May 2001



This policy applies to all NSRA activities. Curriculum time activities supervised by members of school staff may have different rules.


At Holme Pierrepont, each boat must be signed-on for each session. The coaches should provide safety boat.


We can provide our own safety boat – provided a RYA qualified person drives the boat.


A safety boat must be used when any one beginner is on the water.


If in the opinion of a qualified coach a sculler/crew is experienced enough to be on the water with minimal risk of capsize and has completed capsize drill, then the safety boat need not be used.


All coaches should carry a throw-line when accompanying crews.


Throw-lines and life jackets should be kept in the boathouse except when taking crews to rowing events elsewhere.


All beginners (play boats, mondegos, aqua-jogs) and coxes must wear life jacket.


Boats which are damaged or have faulty equipment must clearly identified and be taken out of service until they are repaired. Report repairs to one of the committee for action.


Accidents and all incidents involving someone in the water must be recorded in writing.


The Club’s Safety Officer is Bernie McGuckin, telephone 986 7883 (home) 977 3704 (work) 07967 788031 (mobile)